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Tarot Lesson #8

Today, I will introduce the subject of... Developing Your Tarot Intuition,

excerpted from Wejee's Eclectic Tarot book, included in the Wejee's Learn Tarot download package.

The key to successfully reading any tarot spread is creating a story. If you think of a tarot reading as something to be dissected card by card, you will have trouble grasping the real and subtle meaning of the spread as a whole. A story doesn't come from without; it comes from within, from the part of you that is seeking creative expression. You need to learn to recognize and go with your gut feelings; these feelings are not emotions, but the intuitions, knowings, words and phrases that arise without effort as you gaze upon the cards. Try “stream of consciousness”, speak your thoughts, uncensored and uncontrolled, simply let the words come out. This will by pass your critical Ego, and help you to access your Inner Guide. Your first attempts may be awkward, but you will improve with practice- sometimes insights will surface that completely surprise you! Some of the most accurate readings I have done for other people just felt (to me) like I was talking “off the top of my head” and sounded (to me) like silly nonsense that must surely be way off base… but the client’s reaction was something else!

If you are doing readings for yourself, you might like to write you spontaneous reactions to the cards down in a tarot journal. In my tarot journal, I will draw a little picture of the spread, then write comments on each card, stream of conscious. It is interesting to go back after a few days or weeks, and see how accurate your readings were. This will also help you to develop your own meanings to the cards- yes! Your opinion counts too! We all carry within us our own personal iconography and myths, through which the archetypal images of the tarot will speak. You may find the same cards keep coming up in with the same sort of situations, people or related to the same feelings over and over, and this will help you to develop your own personal interpretations of the cards.

Brightest Blessings,
Raven Starhawk Cunningham
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