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Tarot Lesson #4

The significance of Tarot Numbers 5-7

excerpted from Wejee's Eclectic Tarot

Five is a number of drive, ambition, courage and daring; but also, conflict, uncertainty, dread and turmoil, and often brings arguments, anger, and change. Five is also a number of freedom from constraint, convention and habits. With five, everything will be quite dramatic and far-reaching. Five is also about the practical use of independence. Five represents the struggle and responsibility of controlling and balancing your own life. Five is a test of our character.

Six is a well-rounded and balanced number, itís influence is harmony and accord. It is the number of a peacemaker. With the influence of six, we recognize the perfection and beauty loveliness around us. Six brings harmony to situations, people, plans, and environments Healing, recovery and reconciliation are also facilitated by the number six. Six is an optimistic, loving point of view which radiates and gives confidence to all it touches. When we are influenced by six we see the beauty, and fun in our world.

Seven is a number of wisdom, personal growth, understanding and knowledge. Under the influence of seven we gain insight, confidence and autonomy, your understanding and perception of your Higher Self is beginning to emerge. When you begin to see yourself properly you can more clearly identify your true purpose. Seven represents a powerful intuition, which you must learn to trust; it is a wisdom born of experience and knowledge.

Brightest Blessings,
Raven Starhawk Cunningham
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