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Natural Healing Chakra Crystals

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Possibly you could have heard about the latest buzz surrounding chakra stones and the powerful effects that they can have on your standard of living. Are you searching for a way to find out additional information and become updated on the latest methods that can be utilized to facilitate the use of crystals in your life?

Common crystals and their uses can help to have an effect on positive elements of your lifestyle, creating balance in the mind and body or promoting openness through the soul. Other crystals are intended to produce positive changes through the actual physiology of the body. There are numerous powerful crystals that may be integrated into healing therapies to control explicitaspects of your life, but also choices that could help to align the chakras.

Listed here are a few of the common crystals that are utilized for therapeutic purposes:

Tiger Eye Tiger eye has the ability to balance the third eye chakra, which is in your forehead region, and augment the insight that can occur through this newfound sense of clarity in the third eye. Tiger eye can also be connected with an increased level of protection that can be observed through the third eye and allow the person using the energy within the stone to appreciate the visions from the third eye through the conscious mind helping to facilitate the transfer of information between the third eye and the mind.

Black Onyx Are you looking for a crystal that can help to provide the knowledge required to assist you with the idea that you are able to pursue your dreams? Black Onyx has the ability to align with the root chakra to provide the individual needed the affirmation within themselves that they’re truly powerful with them and can consequently have the abilities that are needed to follow their dreams.

Hematite Hematite comes with the ability to improve the function of the mind, improving the memory that can be experienced while helping the person to find their inner inspiration which will lead to self-assurance through creating the words to speak, or the inspiration required to complete projects through home or work. For all those in search of an enhancement in self-assurance or a boost in self-esteem, hematite is a great selection to include in the crystal therapies.

Clear Quartz Find a clear mental state to permit thoughts and inspiration to shine through while making use of clear quartz in crystal therapies. Used through the crown chakra, the clear quartz stone is an efficient way to increase the abilities for focus and concentration, permitting individuals to produce their own reality and sense of focus for tasks which might be ahead of them.

Now that four of the most effective stones have been outlined, it is important to recognize one fact. The most important portion of working with stones includes the facts that most crystals must be activated in order for the user to enable the transfer of energy between the crystals and the individual that is experiencing the healing with the gemstones.

Although many people have seen success with traditional methods that have been used to activate or charge the crystals with the positive energy essential to facilitate the transfer of energy between the individual in receipt of the therapy and the crystals, you will discover greater methods that have been developed.

As opposed to making use of these traditional techniques that include planting the stones in the garden to absorb the energy from the growing plants,modern methods include Isochronic activation by way of exposing the crystals to specific frequencies through pure tones that are absorbed by the crystals when played near the stones to activate the energies within.

Learning about these various methods and evaluating the outcomes can help to determine which sort of activation process is going to produce stones which are ready to partake in the healing process.

Crystals that have not been activated will not be in the perfect form to facilitate this transfer of affirmative energy from the crystal to the individual being healed and therefore the complete results might not be seen. Crystals that are blocked with negative energy and crystals that have not been activated will not produce the same performance.

Practitioners should make sure that the crystals are activated through the most efficient procedures, like Isochronic activation, at least four times through the year, as well as any other occasions where the crystal may be experiencing blockage through negative vibrations that have been absorbed by the crystal.

The energy of chakra stones as well as precisely how they function is a exciting phenomenon. A lot of people believe that the therapeutic energy of these crystals is in some way magical when in truth it is simply science. In order to find out more with regards to the healing power of chakra stones visit

Easy, Deep Chakra Healing Meditation Video and Audio, Using Inexpensive Sound Energy Healing

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Sonoma County, CA (PRWEB) July 15, 2010

“I believe spiritual healing is a right, and not a privilege, and I want to bring the remarkable art and science of sound healing to everyone, everywhere. Chakra, sound and energy healing is still a new concept to most, but once experienced, and the profound effects are felt first hand, it’s easy to see why many alternative healers can charge anywhere from $50-$200 or more per treatment. Not everyone has access to, or can afford an energy healer or a meditation teacher; I really believe these techniques can bring a sense of well being to a person’s life, and in these times of stress and doubt, I want to make this sense of peace and centeredness available to everyone, everywhere, for less than $10 – $20,” states the highly regarded sound energy healer, Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. Dr. Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. has launched to exclusively feature Chakra healing and energy meditation programs, which are also available on CD, DVD and Video on Demand at

The audio programs utilize a sound healing technique known as binaural beats, a simple, yet powerful process which balances both the right and left brain hemispheres, and can also simply and easily bring the listener down to a deep state of meditation. Headphones or earbuds are required for this technique to work. Dr. Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. also features other meditation programs utilizing a monaural or isochronic technique, which does not require headphones. The listener simply has to sit or lie quietly, eyes closed, and listen. The programs utilize energy healing tones known as Solfeggio frequencies, and Tibetan Singing Bowls attuned to the Chakras. Although the sounds are pleasantly hypnotic, it is not meant to be music; the main focus is to achieve a deeply balanced and meditative, energy healing state.

Of her newest release, Dr. Smith, C.Hyp. Msc.D. says, “I produced the Chakra Healing DVD after the overwhelmingly positive response my Chakra videos received on You Tube. The response was quite unexpected; in less than a year, my videos have received nearly ½ million views, and many viewers have been using these simple videos as a sort of “daily practice”. I had quite a few requests for a DVD, especially from Yoga and meditation teachers, who wished to use my videos in a classroom environment. The DVD is optimized with Dolby Stereo sound, and is easy to use; the viewers can either do one Chakra at a time, or run all Chakras consecutively from the Root to the Crown. Individual Chakras run 8 minutes each, the entire DVD runs 57 minutes. The DVD uses intense Chakra healing colors, monoaural and isochronic sound healing, healing Solfeggio frequencies, and spiritually healing affirmations, attuned to each Chakra.”

Dr. Smith c.Hyp. Msc.D. also has generously provided complete and simple to understand information about the body’s energy centers, known as the Chakras, free healing ebooks, and also allows website visitors to try the art of sound energy healing with two free, 10 minute Heart Chakra MP3s, making it accessible and educational to those who are new to the arts and science of sound, energy and Chakra healing.